Jennifer Anderson (creative director and principal) actually began her career as an advertising copywriter. She remembers once being told “K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid).” This wisdom has made simplicity and clarity of message a driving force in Jenn’s work.

Three years of marker envy finally drove her to become a designer, although she has never regretted having started as a writer. “It has given me the ability to harness the power of word and image to produce more solid and cohesive ideas,” she says.

Through her former studio, Adesign, she has worked with The Food Emporium, Dean & Deluca, The Body Shop, Yale University, and The Hartford. Her work has wonrecognition from many noted publications and organizations including Print Magazine, Connecticut Art Directors Club, Public Relations Society of America, Zanders Paper, CASE, American Graphic Design, Logo Lounge and the Addys.

Most recently, she worked at Cisneros Design as lead designer on the Maryville University account. She is a graduate of Vassar College.


Jenn is my go-to designer. She’s exceptionally good at finding the pulse, the spirit of the company and bringing that out in her designs. She put together a strong line of private label packaging for our stores that was beautifully designed, on-target, and cost-effectively produced. Her elegant, eye-catching and playful package designs helped define the brand and made it a literal stand-out at retail. Jenn’s a genuine triple-threat: an exceptionally talented designer, gifted copywriter and organized account exec rolled up into one dynamic package – a rarity in today’s industry.

William Farlie
Creative Director, The Food Emporium

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenn on many occasions when she freelanced for my firm. Having worked with and employed dozens of graphic designers over the years, I would tell prospective clients and employers that Jenn is one of the most talented and reliable designers I know. Our firm won many industry awards on the work she contributed. Jenn is easy to work with — onsite and off — and she does one thing exceptionally well that others equally as talented often forget. She listens.

Amy Perry
Creative Director, Smizer Perry Design